aerial & zip towers developed by EUROBUNGY

Who we are:

WILDHEX is a product created by EUROBUNGY.
We have a decade long experience in Zip-Lines & Challenge Courses, in extreme Sports Activities & strongly build aluminum structures.

We build everything in-house.

That keeps our costs down and allows us to constantly work on research and development while we are manufacturing. The compact design allows you to put it literally everywhere. We can have the first level at a height of 10 feet and you have underneath your Karting track, your Mini-Golf or Video Arcade Games.We can build a complete Hexagon or we build a partial. We can build it long and high, you give us the space and we put it in !

Some key facts:

Light weight and easy installation. No corrosion, ever!
It is an Asset. Installed within 5 days, it can be disassembled within 2-3 days. You want to move or sell it in a few years time, take it down, load it up and ship it to the next destination.

We are on the ACCT

The 28th annual international ACCT Conference & Exposition 2018 in Fort Worth.
For more informations follow this link or contact us directly.